Intelligent Crawler ver 1.1

ICrawler (Intelligent Crawler) is an open source project that has three different properties:

  • Automatically and efficiently extracts necessary contents including headline, summary, main content and other contents
  • Automatically determines crawling depth
  • Quickly discovers new hyperlinks in web pages

Github link

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Click for arff file that is used for training of the ICrawler.

Rule Editor

This application can be utilized for preparing rules to extract contents in a web page.

Paper of the ICrawler has been published in the Software: Practice and Experience.

  • Uzun, Erdinç; Güner, E.Serdar; Kılıçaslan, Yılmaz; Yerlikaya, Tarık & H.Agun, Volkan, (2013) “An effective and efficient Web content extractor for optimizing the crawling process”, Software: Practice and Experience, DOI: 10.1002/spe.2195